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Parsonage Ward & Co is a customer focused, independent practice of chartered building surveyors with decades of experience inspecting and reporting upon Crediton's diverse homes and business properties.

Years of successful practice have been built upon resolute adherence to a number of core values, at the centre of which is providing a surveying service focused around satisfying the needs of each client. To do so, we avoid providing standardised 'template' reports, as many general practice firms do, and instead provide bespoke reports to all our Crediton clients. Whilst we ensure competitiveness on fees, we also make sure that all of the information you receive is both useful and specifically about the property you're buying or living in - not copied from standard paragraphs.

Neal Reynolds, Crediton's trusted building surveyor
Your building surveyor - Neal Reynolds

"I am a specialist Chartered Building Surveyor and it's worth knowing that not all surveyors are alike! General practice surveyors and valuers are great, but they are unable to offer you the depth of knowledge that I can when it comes to a building's condition."

"Ultimately, a Chartered Building Surveyor's extra training and experience with diagnosing defects means that we can pick up on things that other surveyors might miss - this can help you avoid big repair bills further down the line."

Holly Cross Church in Crediton
Holly Cross Church in Crediton